Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time Keeps On Slipping, Slipping, Slipping...

About three months ago, I kicked off this blog with the intention of posting at least once a week. And if you know me, you know that I talk too much, and I never shut up.

That's not totally true. Sometimes I actually do shut up. I just wanted to shamelessly reference a Run DMC lyric in my blog. My point, however, is that I am rarely without something to say, so I figured it would be easy to scribble snippets from my limitless sprawl of nutty thoughts here in this blog. 

Oh yeah, this would be a breeze.

Then along came my very own Mini-Me, who through his charm, charisma, and relentless pursuit of oohs, aahs and dry diapers, turned my easy breeze into a howling cyclone that devoured nearly every hour of every day.

As the saying goes, "Old habits die hard." But I'm willing to wager Mini-Me's college fund that whoever first said this never had hands-on experience with a fiercely loving and interactive infant. Because this boy completely dusted most of my pre-paternal habits. Not that I'm complaining - these old habits have been replaced by fantastic new habits like Sesame Street and Tummy Time. However, when it takes exactly 45 hours and 33 minutes to watch the season premiere of Modern Family, you know that free time has become elusive.

That was not a typo. 45 hours, 33 minutes. Or approximately the same amount of time it would take me and a motivated copilot to drive from Seattle to Atlantic City. 

Time suck aside, I was in fact able to accomplish a few writerly things during September, and if you haven't yet internet stalked me, I'd be happy to have you retroactively do so by checking out the following...

Recently I was given the opportunity to hold a week long author Q&A over on the amazing site Goodreads, which is basically a Facebook for rabid readers. You can check out the transcript of the session by clicking HERE .

Prior to that, I was asked by Laura Pepper Wu, owner of, to write a guest blog post on my flailing attempts to balance writing with raising a little one. Laura's excellent website is both entertaining and informative as it helps writers of all levels find a critique partner as they aim for the top of the Bestseller charts. If you're interested in reading my guest post, please click HERE.

And kicking off September, I had my very first author interview. And I'm not talking about one of those interviews I conducted in the mirror with myself before I was published, but a bona fide interview, complete with fun and challenging questions befitting the wide-eyed rookie author that I am. The interview was conducted by Leah Graham, editor and founder of, and it can be found by clicking HERE.

All my gratitude to Rossy, Fran, Laura and Leah for giving me these totally awesome opportunities. Rare are those who take the time to help out fledgling writers by giving them such an incredible stage - I just want you all to know how much I appreciate it, and that I will not forget your generosity.

So anyway, here I am now, fresh off of my disappearing September. Slowly, v-e-r-r-r-y  s-s-s-l-o-w-l-y, I am learning how to both reclaim and maximize my time. Though it took me damn near two days to watch the season premiere of my beloved Modern Family, I'm happy to report that it only took me about 19 hours to watch the second episode. 

Small victories in the mirror are larger than they appear.

Also, in order to conserve precious time, I even asked my wife to cut my hair for me. Though she refused about 98 times over three weeks, she finally buckled upon my 99th request. And now I have a spare hour or two to write a blog post because of her incomparable shearing efforts. 

As an added bonus, she's agreed to stay married to me even with this new haircut.

I'm kidding. It's actually a pretty impressive haircut. Kind of Vidal Sassoon meets Supercuts meets Sesame Street. 

We call the look Noveau Pรจre.

I wonder if it'll catch on...